Friday, March 30, 2012


TODAY, MARCH 30th, 2012, The Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have merged, and became one union.  SAG members voted 82% in favor, and AFTRA members voted 86% in favor.

The Membership of both unions have voted; have spoken. As a proud member of the unions I am very happy and very proud of my union brothers and sisters for bringing this about.. Not since the brave souls who founded SAG in 1933 has there been a more important event than this merger of the two unions. And today, with this historic occasion, we must remember that nothing will have changed. And everything will have changed.

Nothing will have changed, as we will continue to work on Monday (or the next) morning under existing contracts.

Everything will have changed, as we will have Co-Presidents at the helm, leading a single board of combined board members.

And this is where the real change will begin, during this year-and-a-half before the next elections. During that time many operational details will be finessed; some hammered, out. We will also be focusing on upcoming contracts negotiations. And in that time the trustees of the P&H Plans will consider, investigate, and affect the combination of the Plans...this is the hard work ahead; a thousand issues; a million details. Although meticulous groundwork has been laid, this is only the beginning of a journey.

Today we are SAG-AFTRA in name. On Monday we go to work.

Stay involved.

-Mark Redfield


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"TISH! THAT'S FRENCH!" (John Astin as Gomez) by Mark Redfield (2012)

This large cartoon of John Astin as "Gomez" is offered for auction as a fundraiser for The Poe House and Museum in Baltimore. Signed by the artist, Mark Redfield, and autographed by Mr. Astin, it comes to the winner framed, as shown.

Mark Redfield and John Astin, March, 2012

John Astin has been a friend for a few years now, and this large cartoon of him as Gomez Addams from the TV show "The Addams Family", was displayed at an event called "Poe Forevermore" in Baltimore, Maryland on March 3rd, 2012, at a fundraiser for The Poe House and Museum in Baltimore.

In 2010, the City of Baltimore eliminated the funding of the Poe House and Museum, and Mr. Astin and I (with many, many others) have been doing all we can to keep the doors of the Poe House open to the public! All proceeds from the auction of this painting will go to the Poe House.

Mr. Astin has been a long-time supporter of the Poe House, performing readings for events, and has played Edgar Allan Poe in his own one-,man show. Mr. Astin autographed the cartoon of "Gomez" just above the shoulder (as seen in the accompanying photo).

John Astin autographs "Gomez", March, 2012

The original acrylic painting measures 24"x30". The measurements of the framed painting is approximately 33 1/2" x 39 1/2".

On behalf of The Poe House, John Astin and myself, that you for bidding on this item, and thank you for your support of the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore!

-Mark Redfield

The auction is HERE.

Information about the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore is HERE.