Thursday, April 8, 2010


Monsterpalooza, the horror convention held in Burbank, California (and now in it's sophomore year) is Friday April 9th to Sunday April 11th.

A smashing success and much praised event in a very crowded field, what sets Monsterpaloozo apart from the other conventions is a high concentration of guests that are special FX make up artists and technicians. This year, FX guests include: Verne Langdon, Michael Westmore, Tom Burman, The Chiodo Brothers, Greg Nicotero, Willaim Stout and many others.

Actors that make up the special guest roster include: Don Calfa, Clu Gulager, Jonathan Winters (!) and many, many more.

My own special connection launches the weekend with laughs: Larry Blamire's DARK AND STORMY NIGHT screens at 6:15PM on Friday night. I'll be there along with other cast members Daniel Roebuck, Jennifer Blaire, James Karen and writer-director Larry Blamire.

The comedy continues right after the movie with a live radio-style reading of Ted Newsom's comedy TOO MANY CREEPS. The strange and twisted story of Alex Gordon and Ed Wood trying to get Boris Karloff into one of their new films, and end up corralling most of Hollywood's Golden Age horror stars into a script reading!

I'm narrating and playing Karloff. Others in Newsom's fantastic cast include David Skal as Bela Lugosi, Newsom himself as John Carradine, with Frank Dietz, Brinke Stevens, Perry Sheilds and others rounding out the cast.

Check it out here:

Come on by if you're in the LA area. I'll be there all weekend so be sure to say hello!

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