Monday, November 15, 2010


Kevin Brownlow's speech to the Academy this November. His books and documentaries have opened windows, doors and worlds to me; his work continues to inspire and remain "must have" works in my library, valuable pieces that I re-visit often.

If you don't know Brownlow's work, I strongly suggest you start with his book THE PARADE'S GONE BY. Then look at his series HOLLYWOOD, and the documentaries UNKNOWN CHAPLIN and
BUSTER KEATON: A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW (with the late David Gill). And then go from there. To Chaney, Lloyd and so much more.

Wonderful contributions; well deserved recognition of his work by the Academy. Hopefully others are being inspired by him to continue on. Listen to his speech to the Academy in November, 2010 HERE.

-Mark Redfield, November, 2010

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