Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shhh! I'm listening to Poe Forevermore Radio Theater!

Performing and producing audio books and audio plays has been a-longtime coming for me, as I've been plotting and planning to do this for many years. My new work is produced under the umbrella of Poe Forevermore Radio Theater by Damfino Media.

The goal for me as actor and producer of audio books and plays is to make the words themselves disappear into feeling and experience. I love the art form of vocal/audio performance, audio book readings and audio plays.

Please join me. I'll be talking about each new project in detail here on AN ACTOR'S NOTEBOOK.

And it's okay to shush people when listening to Poe Forevermore Radio Theater!

"Shhhh! I'm listening to Poe Forevermore Radio Theater!"

If you love listening to great audio books and plays, Poe Forevermore Radio Theater is your place!

Tell your audio-listening loving friends, too! Thanks!

New titles coming!

Mark Redfield
15 December, 2013

Original Images and Text © Mark Redfield 2013

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