Thursday, April 24, 2014

National Poetry Month, April 2014 THE RAVEN by Poe, recited by Mark Redfield

 April, 2014 has been National Poetry Month, and as I've been working on the script and the pre-production chores of the audioplay biography of Edgar Allan Poe called ALONE: THE LIFE OF POE, I've been posting daily recordings of the poet's poems.

I should have been posting them here as well, but, well, I haven't. So, along with other entries in the coming months, I'll be posting a Poe poem here once-a-week.
Here's Poe's famous poem THE RAVEN, which made him something of a rock star when it was published in his lifetime, in 1845.

Enjoy the doom and gloom!

-Mark Redfield
24, April, 2014

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