Wednesday, April 22, 2015


So, Ben Affleck's ancestor, somebody-somebody, owned slaves. It made Ben Affleck uncomfortable. He was embarrassed for people to know. He asked that this information be excluded from a television show that he voluntarily was involved with. The producers, rightfully, did as Affleck wished.

Then one day, someone or some group commit a crime: they illegally hack a large corporation and steal millions of electronic documents, including private emails. They then distribute these illegally obtained, private documents and emails. 

Morally bankrupt, other groups and individuals share this private and illegally obtained material with millions of others. Others, obtaining this illegal and private material, with no moral compass to guide them, cherry-pick through this material, and with laser-focus, share this private material to more people.
Among other things learned, people are outraged that Affleck asked that producers leave out a detail about his heritage that made him uncomfortable and that he couldn't deal with.

So, the ends justifies the means. And you're okay with that. And you will be okay with me or anyone else, at any time, obtaining your personal and private documents and making something public that you wish kept secret.

Good for you.

-Mark Redfield
22 April, 2015

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