Monday, August 2, 2010

What's Coming Up This August in AN ACTOR'S NOTEBOOK?

All about Larry Blamire's new old dark house mystery-comedy-thriller DARK AND STORMY NIGHT--that's what!

Shout! Factory releases the latest Blamire thing on August 17th, 2010 (order the DVD HERE!) and so all month, beginning on the 17th, I'll be running interviews here at AN ACTOR'S NOTEBOOK with the cast and crew! And if that isn't enough, there'll be interviews with the cast and crew of THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN, because many of the same Bantam Street cast and crew worked on that picture, too!

DARK AND STORMY NIGHT stars: Daniel Roebuck, Jennifer Blaire, Fay Masterson, Brian Howe, Andrew Parks, Dan Conroy, Kevin Quinn, Christine Romeo, H.M. Wynant, Jim Beaver, James Karen,Bruce French, Robert Deveau, Trish Geiger, Alison Martin, Susan McConnell, Tom Reese, Betty Garrett, Marvin Kaplan, Larry Blamire, Bob Burns and me (Mark Redfield)!So please visit the blog daily starting on August 17th, and get to know the cast and crew of DARK AND STORMY NIGHT!

The cast of Larry Blamire's DARK AND STORMY NIGHT

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