Sunday, November 1, 2009


"SIMPLY BUSTER" (2009) by Mark Redfield. Acrylic on canvas panel. (16x20)

Buster Keaton remains a great inspiration to me, both as an actor and filmmaker. One of the first plays I ever did professionally was inspired by Keaton's spirit of comedy and the surreal; his recurring theme of man against machine; of the attempt to master forces that overwhelm us all. I'll never stop learning from him.

Original image (c) Mark Redfield.

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  1. In your painting Mark, all I've got to say is "the eyes, the eyes" YOU NAILED THE GREAT BUSTER!
    One of the few things (few I tells ya) nice about living in Kansas/MO is that I'm close to Iola, Kansas at its Bowlus Art Center which hosts a Buster Keaton film festival every year.
    Thanks for sharing your talent Mark.