Monday, November 30, 2009


Lots of posts to post this December.

The wonderful Karloff Blogathon pushed some posts back into December, as did other work (new scripts and the recording of the audio book The Terror of Fu Manchu that I'm in the middle of); and other stuff that got in the way of proof-reading posts I'd written some time ago, including a couple of items on my film COLD HARBOR.

The film of the month is COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, a western that I star in, directed by Wayne Shipley, and I'll kick off talking about making it with a story called My First Western on Wednesday.

Mark Redfield as Justin Gatewood in the western 'Come Hell or High Water' (2009)

Anyway--December promises to be busy, so I hope you've been enjoying the blog and please, feel free to leave comments or make suggestions or criticisms! All are welcome!

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