Monday, October 5, 2009


A new series of DVD's called AMERICA: HER STORIES, HER PEOPLE debuts with the first in the series: THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL.

Starring Mark Redfield and Michael Mack and produced and directed by Tony Malanowski, BUNKER HILL tells the dramatic story of two fathers and their young sons caught up in the events that lead up to one of the most famous battles of the American Revolution as they volunteer to defend the Heights overlooking Boston Harbor in 1775.

Filmed in New Jersey with hundreds of re-enactors for the battle scenes, THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL includes extensive interviews with leading historians and authors, multiple extras that can be used as teaching aids for schools. The dramatic script was written by William Chemerka and the film includes a thrilling adventure music score by William Stromberg and John Morgan.

THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL is available now at

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  1. I most enjoyed your work in _The Battle of Bunker Hill_. You were most convincing as a caring father who also decided to commit himself to a larger cause -- despite the dangers it could entail. I hope to get a chance to see you perform many times in the future.