Friday, October 2, 2009


This was a bit unexpected and a bit of a surprise. Got a phone call from The Baltimore Sun on Wednesday, September 30th, that they needed a photo to go along with a story about the Poe funeral events happening in Baltimore in October ( ). All rather last minute, as the actor they originally asked wasn't available.

So I said yes--any port in a storm--and asked that they make it clear that I'm NOT playing Poe at the funeral; they promised they'd photo-shop the pic up, and well, I hope nobody thinks it's me, Redfield, laying in the pine box come Sunday, October 11th!

The photo session was on Thursday, October 1st. The make-up was quick and simple, because of the rush. A simple base to take the color out of the face and make it pale; subtle brown shadow to create the forehead lines; an old lace mustache darkened with a little mascara (and held in place with toupee tape---no nasty spirit gum for just kickin' it in a coffin for a quick pic) and a wig that we had in stock at the studio.

The double image was created in camera, and not with photoshop. The photographer, Jed Kirschbaum, asked me to sit up and look into the camera, and on a slow, four second exposure, I laid down and assumed the "dead" position.

Not to bad for a fast job for a photo that had to run in the paper the next day.

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