Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Books BY Actors: 'STICKY MAE GREY' by Jennifer Blaire

Just in time for the lil' ones this Hallowe'en, Jennifer Blaire's new book STICKY MAE GREY!

Who is Sticky Mae Grey and what's it all about? Here's the publisher's description: "Sticky Mae Grey has upside down hair, lives in an upside down house, has small monsters and creepy-crawly animals as pets, and she likes it that way. She and her odd little family invite a mysterious friend to a midnight party. Then, Sticky takes a trip to the Moon and meets the strange creatures there. A children's book that celebrates diversity and engages children in rhyming in two quirky and fun stories with full color pictures by cult-film actress, Jennifer Blaire."

You can order the book HERE at Lulu for $19.95

I worked with the delightful Ms Blaire in DARK AND STORMY NIG
HT (now doing the festival circuit.) Best known for her comedic turns in Larry Blamire's previous films THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA (2001) and TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD (2007), here's a shot of her and co-star Daniel Roebuck between camera set-ups, unraveling the mysteries in DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (2009).

Ordered my copy of STICKY MAE GREY today! Break-a-leg with it Jennifer!

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