Friday, October 9, 2009


The old blog was being neglected and I was posting only sporadically. I've had fun putting this new version together, and really appreciate the kind words the blog has received since launch. I've been surprised by the amount of traffic it's gotten in such a short time!

So, thanks for dropping by and taking a peek; I think I'll hang with this and see where it goes. I know it's been very "Poe-centric" recently, but with all of the events in Baltimore regarding his bicentennial, I guess that can't be helped. Theme-oriented isn't so bad. Maybe that's a way to focus and choose what to post in the future.

Next week I'll wrap up Poe with photos of the actors who are portraying the famous literary figures who will be speaking at Poe's funeral in Baltimore on Sunday, October 11th. Then some behind the scenes stuff about THE DEATH OF POE and playing Eddie...but first have to manage to get through the weekend.

The press has certainly picked up. In the last couple if days I've done numerous radio interviews about Poe and the Bicentennial funeral event--from Maryland to Edmonton, Canada.

By-the-bye; that photo above really is what it looks like when the alarm goes off for a 5AM on-set call for a movie...especially when one isn't a morning person!

See you Monday--

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