Friday, October 2, 2009


Back in late 2008, TV horror host Doc Gangrene aired a TV version of my film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As the air date was very close to the launch of all of the Edgar Allan Poe Bicentennial activities beginning in January of 2009, we did an interview with me at Poe's grave in Baltimore that would air on Doc's Chiller theatre show on WNAB TV 58, Nashville's CW station.

What you're watching (in the YouTube clip, below) is what is known as "B" roll. It's just my side of the interview. When it aired on WNAB, the interview was inter-cut with mad host Doc Gangrene in his lab, back in Nashville. So don't be thrown because I'm answering questions from somebody who isn't there!

It's a quick tour of the Westminster graveyard where Poe is buried. For more info about the final event planned for the Poe Bicentennial in Baltimore, Poe's funeral, visit and for more info about Chiller Theatre and Doc Gangrene, visit

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